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About GuestCheck

In 1999, GuestCheck Mystery Shopping Company was formed: goal to gear the process and products to be universally appealing and affordable to all clients. We've built a strong foundation of mystery shopping values that ensures the delivery of high-quality, timely, and credible results. Combine these results with the leverage of our unique action oriented process to obtain significantly better business results.

From start to finish there's one thing you'll notice about working with GuestCheck Mystery Shopping Company. We're easy to do business with.

We can get your program up and running quickly. Our Service Agreements are straightforward and fair. Our pricing provides the most value in the industry and there's no set up fee to hold you back. Your program, your fee, 110% value.

Our proprietary software allows flexibility as your program develops. All shop evaluation forms and guidelines are totally customized to your exact service standards and modifications can be handled quickly and easily.

Most importantly, you'll get your own dedicated Client Page that becomes your single point-of- contact and will handle all of the necessary details, making it easy for you to focus on using the results instead of administering your program.

Give us a call today, 763-550-7973, so that we can start you on the path to the best results possible.